What The Real Problem Is

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“We all make choices in life, but in the end, our choices make us” (Andrew Ryan, Bioshock). Lately, I have gotten back into gaming. I used to play video games regularly but with multiple life-changing events, my game time dwindled to nothing. So for about 4 years, I hadn’t touched a video game other than the occasional Civilization solo game or Madden Football with my dad.

When I played games, I was an online gamer. I enjoyed playing against other people rather than an automated computer. It added a level of spontaneity that no computer…

A Letter To Ma

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Dear Mom,

I haven’t liked the way you treated me for a long time now. It took me years to even notice because you’re like a pufferfish. You give off the image that you’re a big person with a big heart when in reality you’re just a small little thing.

You have neglected me since the moment I was born. You left me in my car seat and barely interacted with me. Then as I grew up you found ways to keep from interacting with me. Whether it be my step-dad, work, my behavior, fatigue, etc. and you still can’t…

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A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s the truth. For instance, take the word “love.” By itself, it has a simple meaning, strong affection between two people deriving from a personal connection. However, draw a picture of “love” and you get a whole different thing. For example, the painting “The Honeysuckle Bower” reveals a deeper understanding of love that surpasses this definition. In the women, you can see an overwhelming passion even despite their proper appearance. It’s all in her body language. Every part of her is facing toward the man as if she has given herself over. It’s…

Why We Like Heroes

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“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself” (Joseph Campbell). This idea of the greater and the hero has been a fascination of mine for some time. What is our obsession with the hero? The savior of the world? We like to fantasize that we have extraordinary powers and defeat terrible foes. The particular fascinating thing about this is our distinction between good and evil.

We like to think good and evil are black and white. That if we steal we must be evil or if we kill we must be evil…

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Imagine someone with Lymphoma lying in a hospital bed. This person is in extreme pain and can’t communicate with others because their tonsils are extremely swollen and are too weak to write. This patient also has been projected to live for two months with no hope of remission or turn around. All they want to do is die and end their suffering. However, the only person who knows this is their child who was told in this situation to request assisted suicide. The problem is that the doctors now the patient is still competent and just can’t communicate. Since the…

The Hope It Stays Quiet

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Privacy is something that all people cherish in some shape or form. For instance, we often like to keep our health private because some conditions can be humiliating, like catching Gonorrhea from unprotected sex. This means we tend to put a lot of pressure on doctors to keep our health secret so that it can stay private. This is termed as confidentiality. Doctors, by law, have a responsibility to uphold the confidentiality of their patients. However, they also have a responsibility to the public. This can sometimes create conflict. Let’s say a doctor has a patient who caught an STD…

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Ethics is a concern of the business world. Sometimes we get businessmen who are willing to take every avenue other than the right one. Let’s take the hypothetical situation of two workers who agree to work for $29,500 but when they get paid $35,900 they don’t say anything. The question is whether we give them the benefit of doubt or if they purposely didn’t say anything. As a manager how would we handle this situation? If they say that they didn’t notice, can we believe them? If they admit to noticing, how can we trust them? To conclude what to…

What It Means To Be A Real Man

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We as a society have a loose definition of what it means to be a man. We characterize man as the opposite of women. However, this definition is actually how we define toxic masculinity. Toxic masculinity is when men swear of everything feminine because it is feminine. This kind of behavior is detrimental to society because it encourages the oppression of women and sexism rather than having equality. Take for example washing the dishes. Washing the dishes, because of society, is seen as feminine, and men who adopt this falsehood of manliness will expect women to wash the dishes. Expecting…

The Rich, The Poor, and The Great Distraction

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I would like to start this by saying this is in no way delegitimizing the BLM movement, but rather bringing to light how a cause with good intentions can be used as a pawn in a bigger game. I agree with the BLM movement in that the Black community still faces systematic racism, especially from the police. I support them and hope they achieve their goals in reforming the system. However, they have more skin in the game then they realize that they do. I’m proposing that racism is encouraged and nourished by the rich one percent because as long…

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It was so long ago yet it feels like yesterday when I met her. I still get chills when I think about her. My chest swells up and burns with a fierce flame. My toes tingle. My heart quickens. Sometimes I wonder if it was the real thing. That I missed my shot. Yet at the same time I know I made the right choice, leaving. I still look back though. I bathe in the feelings I had and lather myself with the lush memories. The good times. I still wonder from time to time if we were meant for…

Britin McCarter

Britin McCarter is a writer, musician, aspiring scientist, and college student. Connect with Britin at http://www.facebook.com/britinmccarter

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